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Dragons are a returning mythical creature in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These ancient spirits have been spotted traveling through the sky, in much higher locations than were possible in the previous game. This guide includes every dragon's path in TotK with tips on how to approach them and farm some Dragon Parts.

In Breath of the Wild, three Dragons could be found slowly flying around certain areas of Hyrule. Unable to be harmed by mortal means, Link could shoot different parts of them while they traveled across the sky to gain valuable Dragon Parts.

In Tears of the Kingdom, you will not only be able to use Dragon Parts in cooking recipes to increase effectiveness and the duration of buffs, but also greatly boost your attack power by fusing them to your weapons to give them powerful elemental effects not found elsewhere. There is also the addition of a fourth dragon that is much harder to reach than the others.


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Dragon Paths and Locations in TotK

Each of the four dragons in Tears of the Kingdom flies around a set area in a loop that you can often spot in the sky as you travel. The three original dragons will alternate flying above the sky and floating into the Depths through giant chasms, with the fourth new dragon only found flying high in the sky.

Dragon NameDinraalNaydraFaroshLight Dragon
Main RegionsGreat Hyrule Forest, Eldin Mountains, AkkalaLanayru Mountain, East Necluda, West NecludaGerudo Desert, Gerudo Canyon, FaronAll Regions
Elemental PowersFireIceElectricHealing

Dragons of Tears of the Kingdom do not have a set schedule, and their path cannot be altered by fast traveling, resting, or sleeping until a different time, as they will remain in the same position during loading.

In order to find them, you will need to seek out the paths they loop and either wait for them to fly near you, or travel along their paths both above and below ground. The three elemental dragons take about 30 minutes to complete one loop, while the Light Dragon takes around 2 realtime hours to complete a loop of the entire map of Hyrule.

The dragons mainly fly at a height of around 400 meters up into the sky, and with the addition of various Sky Islands and Skyview Towers that can launch you up to over 800 meters, you can use them to glide down from above to reach the dragons, or construct flying machines from Zonai Devices to reach them wherever you may spot them.


Be warned - the elemental dragons aren't actively hostile, but they do ward off interlopers by constantly creating elemental orbs that fly alongside them and can damage you if you get too close. In addition, both Dinraal and Naydra are surrounded by extreme temperature zones, requiring two pieces of either frost of flame resistance when approaching them.


Dinraal, the Great Fire Spirit Dragon, patrols the skies on the north side of Death Mountain, and coasts along the upper edge of Hyrule past the Akkala Tech Lab all the way to the Thyphlo Ruins in the Great Hyrule Forest.

You can often spot him appearing from the East Akkala Plains Chasm, directly east of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, before he floats along the coastline towards the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, and then cuts across west past Skull Lake and continues on the northern slopes of Death Mountain. He'll finally curve around the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower before disappearing into the nearby Drenan Highlands Chasm.

If you follow him underground, you'll find he takes a nearly identical route back through the Depths, unlike the other two dragons. He'll skirt along the north edge of the map on the way back, above the Gleeok Den and circling around the Fire Temple area before cutting down to the east of the Wellspring of Power to reach the chasm back up into Akkala.


Naydra, the Great Ice Spirit Dragon, can be found patrolling around the great Mount Lanayru, and will make a sweeping loop around the southeastern part of Hyrule, from Kakariko to Hateno, before looping underground.

Naydra can often be spotted emerging from the Naydra Snowfield Chasm just to the west of the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. Once into the air, the dragon will coast to the southeast along the Lanayru Range and Walnot Mountain before passing by to the east of Hateno Village and down to Kitano Bay, before sweeping to the west, flying south of Ebon Mountain. Naydra will then curve upwards before reaching the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower, heading north past the Cliffs of Quince and straight to Kakariko Village, disappearing into the large East Hill Chasm on the village's east side.


Once underground, Naydra will continue the loop back towards Lanayru Mountain by curving up and east at the edge of the border where the Rutala River is on the surface, before cutting back down near Lanayru Bay and south to the Naydra Snowfield Chasm to re-emerge before the mountain.


Farosh, the Great Lightning Spirit Dragon, is located in Hyrule's southwest regions, and will fly out of Gerudo Desert and along its large canyon, before traveling below the Great Plateau to the other side of Lake Hylia, and going underground into The Depths.

Farosh can be found emerging from the large East Gerudo Chasm on the southeast side of the Gerudo Desert, just south of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. The dragon will fly north and dip along the canyon, flying above it as it curves around the Skyview Tower and back down south, before cutting straight to the east. Farosh will continue flying directly south of the Great Plateau and across the northern portion of Lake Hylia and its bridge, before arriving at the Hills of Baumer Chasm.

Once underground, Farosh will take a long curved route back by skirting the borders of Lake Hylia (which is a giant rock wall in the Depths), by traveling south and then east through the Faron Woods located on the surface. It will fly straight east across the depths version of the Faron Grasslands and then fly south around the South Lomei Labyrinth, up past the Champion's Gate and then back out of the Desert Chasm.

Light Dragon

The mysterious Light Dragon is a new dragon that appears in the skies when Link first awakens on the Great Sky Island, and will slowly fly around the entirety of Hyrule in a long loop.

Unlike the other three Dragons, the Light Dragon will fly much higher in the sky than all the others - anywhere from 1500 to 2200 meters up in the sky. This will place it higher than the Great Sky Island's Room of Awakening, as well as both the Water and Wind Temples, making it difficult to reach unless by extreme means. However, by completing later main game quests by locating each of the Dragon's Tears or finding a way into the Korok Forest, the Light Dragon will eventually lower dramatically in altitude, down to around 700-800 meters (which is still often higher than the other dragons).


Though the path will slightly alter depending which height the dragon is flying at, it will generally weave around most regions of Hyrule, and generally curve around many of the Skyview Towers and Geoglyph locations as it does. Since it takes a much longer time to complete a loop of the map (2 hours), you may have to warp between various Skyview Towers and look high up to spot it.

Though it doesn't fly too close to Central Hyrule, it will travel along the northern edge of the Great Plateau, and dip along the Regencia River that separates Hyrule Ridge from Hyrule Field.

How to Farm Dragon Parts in TotK

Follow these summarized steps on how to farm Dragon parts, or read the detailed guide below:

  1. Choose the dragon whose parts you want to farm.
  2. Land on top of the dragon from above.
  3. Attack the part you need a material from up close.
  4. Pick up the glowing part before it shoots off - the claws and fangs are the most difficult to collect and may require you to paraglide off, pick up the material, and return.
  5. Each part will replenish in ten minutes.

Each of the Dragons in Tears of the Kingdom, while immortal and invulnerable to damage, can be hit with arrows or melee weapons to dislodge various Dragon Parts that can be used in a variety of ways.

Once hit, a glowing white light will appear where the part spawns, and after a few seconds it will jettison off the body down to the ground below, with a large light trail to follow. If you hit the part with a close-range weapon, you can pick up the part before it shoots off.

Depending on where you specifically fire your arrow or attack, a different piece can be broken off:

  • A Dragon Horn can be gained by hitting the frontal glowing horns
  • A Shard of the Dragon Fang can be gained by shooting around their mouth area. You must jump off and shoot the lower jaw - attacking the top of the muzzle will give you a Scale.
  • A Dragon Claw can be gained by hitting the glowing claw tips under their body
  • A Dragon Scale can be gained by hitting most other points on their body
  • A Shard of the Dragon Spike can be gained by hitting their glowing spikes along their body, or picked up from the back if you land on it.

Note that with the addition of the Sky Islands, Skyview Towers, and higher altitudes to reach, it is easier than ever to actually land on a Dragon (as long as you wear appropriate temperature-resistant gear when needed). Once you land, you'll find Dragons are quite ambivalent to your presence.


In fact, you can even walk along their body and find around 10-12 Spike shards to loot, which usually respawn over time. You can also use your perch on the dragon to quickly grab the Dragon Part you harvest before it falls to the ground below.

While harvesting a Dragon Part in Breath of the Wild would cause the Dragon to immediately depart and disappear into the sky, the Dragons of Tears of the Kingdom will remain flying in their patterns, however, the glowing auras given off by their horn, spikes, and claws will dim, and you cannot repeatedly harvest them.

The good news is that you only need to wait 10 minutes for their energy to recharge. Once you see them fully glow again, you can continue to harvest their parts by simply parking yourself on the Dragon while it flies around. However, when going in and out of chasms, you may have to stand in precarious positions on their snout or behind their horns or mane to keep from falling off.

Dragon Part Effects

Once you have harvested the parts you need, you can return to the ground to begin making use of these Dragon Parts. There are two main uses for each part: Weapon Fusing, or Food Recipes. Some parts are also needed for upgrades at the Great Fairy Fountains.

Each has its own benefit, so consider the pros can cons of each: Weapon Fusing will infuse your weapon with higher durability, a good deal of attack power, and the element that reflects the Dragon you obtained the part from. The weapon will sometimes need to recharge its elemental properties if you attack too fast, but the delay is fairly fast. Food recipes infused with Dragon Parts can increase the amount of hearts gained, and can greatly increase the duration of certain food buff effects. You can see the full list below:

Fire Elemental Weapon FusingIce Elemental Weapon FusingElectric Elemental Weapon Fusing
Dragon PartAttack Power Bonus (Fuse)Heart Recovery (Food Recipe)Effect Duration (Food Recipe)
Spike Shard+16 Attack+0 Hearts+1 minute, 50 seconds
Scale+16 Attack+1 1/4 Hearts+1 minute, 30 seconds
Claw+18 Attack+2 Hearts+3 minutes, 30 seconds
Fang Shard+20 Attack+2 2/4 Hearts+10 minutes, 30 seconds
Horn+26 Attack+3 3/4 Hearts+30 minutes

The Light Dragon's materials have slightly different stats.

Light Dragon Material Effect
Heal on Hit Weapon Fusing
Dragon PartAttack Power Bonus (Fuse)
Shard of Light Dragon's Spike+12 Attack
Light Dragon's Scale+12 Attack
Light Dragon's Talon+14 Attack
Shard of Light Dragon's Fang+16 Attack
Light Dragon's Horn+20 Attack


In addition to these effects, cooking with Dragon Parts will almost always guarantee a "Critical Success" (denoted by the additional musical cue during the cooking animation). This can have one of several effects, depending on the type of meal cooked, but can include one of the following effects:

  • +1 - 3 Additional Heart Recovery
  • +5 minutes to Effect Duration
  • +1 Additional Effectiveness Icon
  • +2/5 Additional Stamina Wheel Recovery

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