Bdo Sorceress (2024)

1. Sorceress Class Guide - BDFoundry

  • The Sorceress class was one of the 'original' 4 classes in Black Desert. She is a dark magic user with a mixture of mid-range to melee skills. The Sorceress ...

  • This guide lists the recommended skill build, addons, and gear for new players who are interested in the Sorceress class.

Sorceress Class Guide - BDFoundry

2. Sorceress - Class Introduction | Black Desert NA/EU

  • Sorceress is an elusive class that uses an amulet and talisman to wield dark magic. She deceives and confuses her enemies by closing the gap quickly to deal ...

  • Check out the various classes available in Black Desert.

Sorceress - Class Introduction | Black Desert NA/EU

3. Sorceress | Black Desert Wiki - Fandom

Sorceress | Black Desert Wiki - Fandom

4. [Class Discussion] Does anyone actually play Succession Sorceress?

  • Jul 27, 2023 · In PvE succ sorc is better than awakening. In PvP it is different but I think both are viable. For more precise info you should check the sorc ...

  • Returning player here (out of the loop for 1+ years).Ever since Kaiju released his video post-class reboot about Succession Sorceress, I haven't heard anything else that as changed since then. Is Succ Sorc so bad that nobody actually plays or cares about it anymore, or has it changed ever since t...

[Class Discussion] Does anyone actually play Succession Sorceress?

5. Sorceress | BDOHQ

Sorceress | BDOHQ

6. [Game Play] [PVP] Here's my SORC PvP Skill Add-ons & Combos!

  • [PVP] Here's my SORC PvP Skill Add-ons & Combos! Shiro Aug 13, 2022, 16:56 ... 10. NEW MALE CLASS SUMMON SOUND EFFECT & Secret Text (Black Desert Online) BDO.

  • Grim Reaper Judgement (LMB+RMB, +SPACE)Cartian's Nightmare (SHIFT+E)

[Game Play] [PVP] Here's my SORC PvP Skill Add-ons & Combos!

7. [Class Discussion] Sorceress Life Steal Skill | Black Desert Mobile

  • Feb 1, 2020 · Dodging helps, but she doesn't have any more dodges than any other class does, since she doesn't have the lateral dodges that BDO Sorcs do.

  • Hello here i wanna complaint about new released class Sorceress. i have been played Black Desert for a very long time since PC/and BDM KoreaSorceress suppose to have a life steal, it still exist even on PC and Korea server. the amount of lifesteal is not that High or OVERPOWER like Witch/Valkyrie...

[Class Discussion] Sorceress Life Steal Skill | Black Desert Mobile

8. BDO Sorceress PvE Combo Guide - Inven Global

  • Jun 12, 2017 · BDO Sorceress PvE Combo Guide · Turn Back Slash - Blade of Darkness · Night Crow - Blade of Darkness · Beak Kick - Blade of Darkness · Rushing ...

  • Disclaimer: This article contains curated tips, guides, other useful information posted on Inven KR by the users. Please note that such guides and information are not objective truths and may not refl

BDO Sorceress PvE Combo Guide - Inven Global
Bdo Sorceress (2024)


Is Sorceress still good in BDO? ›

Sorceress is strong in 1v1 and 1vx situations because of her many iframe abilities making her difficult to catch. She is able to kite whilst staying protected and look for engages when it favours her. Sorceress is one of the harder classes to master. You need to be able to manage cooldowns and your stamina effectively.

What is the weapon of the awakened sorceress? ›

Awakened Sorceress wields a massive two-handed scythe, but she doesn't use it as a melee weapon. Rather, this only furthers the ways in which she deceives her enemies. She can fade in and out of the darkness to attack unsuspecting enemies, or teleport to create an opening.

What is the sorceress class in black desert? ›

Sorceress is an elusive class that uses Amulet and Talisman to wield dark magic. She deceives and confuses her enemies by closing the gap quickly to deal a powerful blow, and dodges just when the situation starts to look bad. This gives her great survivability while also constantly disrupting her enemies.

Which Sorceress build is the best? ›

The most popular builds are the Frozen Orb, Fire Ball & Blizzard sorceress in both single-player and multi-player and are argubly the most effective builds of this class.

What is the best weapon for a sorceress? ›

Heart of the Oak (Mace/Staff base, Ko+Vex+Pul+Thul) HOTO is amongst the best sorceress weapons. While you have multiple Orb choices to boost your damage, none of them have defensive qualities such as HOTO's huge boost for all resistances.

What is the main weapon of the sorceress? ›

The Sorceress is a Hero whose weapon is Chain Lightning. Chain Lightning attacks as multiple streaks of lightning. When a streak hits an enemy, it jumps to another nearby enemy that isn't already hit.

What is the best early sorcerer weapon? ›

The first weapon available for the Sorcerer vocation, Grievous Horns is a powerful archistaff well-suited to an offensive spellcaster. This is literally a must-have weapon for any Arisen wanting to become a Sorcerer, as it's a pre-requisite for even unlocking the vocation.

Does sorceress need strength? ›

Sorcerer Stats

Investing in strength has no effect for the Sorcerer whatsoever, do not invest in this unless gear requires it. This is in line with the role of Spellcaster. Intelligence is the primary Sorceress stat. It increases Skill Damage, this scales at 10 points invested to 1% additional damage.

Are wizard and witch the same bdo? ›

The main difference between a Wizard and a Witch is that Wizard is more aggressive with burst damage and has a grab, whilst the Witch class has a buffing block and is played more defensively with higher range and more sustain DPS.

Who is the Black Spirit in BDO? ›

The black spirit will be your companion, your guide, and that nagging voice that leads you forward. The Black Spirit will offer quests throughout the game.

Who is the strongest in Black Desert? ›

Sorceress. Awakening - belonging to the S-tier, this version of Sorceress might as well be called the best class in Black Desert Online. Her Scythe-based combat style makes her extremely easy to use. Her fluid combos and explosive damage make farming mobs an easy and enjoyable experience.

What is the best solo class in Black Desert Online? ›

Guardian is probably the most recommended class in BDO and for good reason. Guardian feels like a tanky and slow class in the beginning, but once you get to the end game content, she does incredibly well. Guardian's Awakening is the perfect choice for endgame PVE grinding.

What is the easiest class for PvE BDO? ›

In PvE, Berserker is currently one of the easiest classes to grind with, thanks to its aggressive playstyle and ultimate crowd-control capability. The Awakening and Succession versions of this class have a lot of disparity in their playstyle.

Is a sorceress good or evil? ›

The word sorceress is similar to witch or enchantress, but sorceress implies great magical power and skill. It also often implies evil. The figurative use of the word, though, usually doesn't imply evil.

Is Sorceress a good raid? ›

Conclusion. Sorceress skills are below average for Rare champion and she can be easily replaced with better Rare champions in applying Decrease Defense and Decrease Speed. It's not recommended to invest too much resources in her and best used up to 4★ Rank. She will be used as fodder to rank up better champions.

What's better mage or sorcerer? ›

As for which is better, generally Sorcerer due to the stronger offensive presence and self-synergy. The more Sorcerers you stack, the more the pendulum swings towards Sorcs. *It puts them at the same point in incantation as the original caster, counting cast time reductions like Articulacy.

Which is better Blood Sorceress or Scarlet Sorceress? ›

Scarlet has better damage and healing than Blood Sorceress. Scarlet is the advanced version of Blood Sorceress. Blood can be a fair class for the lower levels but Scarlet is what you should use once level 50.


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